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Supplying liquid carbon dioxide throughout Oceania

Thanks to its expertise in maritime logistics, Air Liquide ensures LCO2 availability for its customers operating on islands. Air Liquide provides a unique value proposition, sourcing from multiple locations to enhance supply reliability.

Contributing to the supply of liquid biomethane for the space industry

Air Liquide is working with space industry players to help them decarbonise their activity by contributing to the supply of liquid biomethane, for example through multimodal delivery solutions to test facilities and launch pads worldwide.

Supplying liquid hydrogen and participating to the acceleration of energy transition

Accelerating the decarbonization of industry and notably the transport sector is a major challenge. Thanks to its expertise in liquid hydrogen conditioning and international logistics, Air Liquide helps respond to the climate emergency.

Fighting Covid-19 with liquid oxygen

Air Liquide orchestrated the export of oxygen from the sources, seeking the best delivery paths by combining different means of transport and optimizing the management of ISO containers. More than 10,000 tons were delivered across oceans and borders.

Thanks to an international team of logistics experts, a strong network of gas sources and a large fleet of ISO containers, Air Liquide partners with its customers to enable growth by providing them with either long-term steady import solutions, planned backup solutions, emergency cross-border supply, deliveries to remote locations or temporary supply ramp-ups until local production becomes available.

Air Liquide Maritime Cryogenic Supply supports customers on 5 continents and is ready to supply in your geography

Why choose us ?

  • Global presence
    We supply cryogenic gases wherever you need them and whenever you need them

  • Wide network of sources
    We connect with a worldwide network of filling facilities that supply essential molecules

  • Reliability
    We manage a fleet of safe and reliable assets with state-of-the-art industrial services

  • Customized projects
    Our agile and experienced team can design a supply offer tailored to your specific needs

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